Independence, dynamism, and dedication

It isn’t enough to guarantee you the best conditions on the market and the most competitive mortgage rate: for us, it’s important that we support you every step of the way. Our team of experienced professionals puts all its negotiating strength, responsiveness, efficiency, sound real estate advice, and in-depth knowledge of the economic fabric and key local players at your disposal.

Purchasing process and tax impact

✓ Initial meeting | Analysis of information, calculation of purchasing potential.

✓ Preliminary approval from institutions | Market analysis, bid negotiations.

✓ Tailored solutions| Rates, equity, collateral, depreciation.

✓ Tax impact | The entire purchase or renewal process.

✓ Definition of the perfect balance| Mortgage interest, charges.

✓ Financing | Getting the most advantageous mortgage rate.

✓ Offer comparisons | Negotiations of future conditions.

In our initial meeting, we analyse your situation in order to accurately calculate your purchasing potential. Once the financing institution gives its preliminary approval, we review the various offers on the market to select the most advantageous solution for you (rate, proportion of equity, pledge, depreciation). Throughout the process of buying a property or when renewing a mortgage loan, we systematically consider its tax impact to strike the perfect balance between mortgage interest and charges in terms of your unique personal situation. Is your mortgage expiring in the next 2 years? It would be interesting to compare and negotiate your future terms.

Financial independence and safeguarding your assets

✓ Departure | Receipt of the financing agreement by the bank or insurance.

✓ Financial independence | Analysis of the situation; Family safety.

✓ Planning | Financial impacts; Ensuring the project’s long-term viability.

✓ Topics | Succession; conveyance of property; Impact of LPP withdrawal, etc.

✓ Management of new projects | Development assistance for private individuals and professionals.

As soon as the financing agreement is received from the bank or insurance company, it is essential to analyse the situation from a family security point of view so as to guarantee your long-term financial independence. Well before signing papers at the notary, building or buying a property requires planning the various financial impacts to ensure its viability. It is important to consider issues such as conveyance of property, the impact of pension plan withdrawal, or the insurance of the property itself in the event of damage. We also work with professionals or private individuals developing a real estate project for promotion or as an investment.