Follow the market rather than the rates.

Of course, the news coming from central banks, especially the Fed, does not always sound like an incentive to sign up for a mortgage at the moment. But it’s not just inflation and fiscal policies that are driving rates, the market, i.e. supply and demand, is also a major factor. At the moment, borrowers are rather cautious, while on the other hand, there are more and more players with the generalisation of the offer of insurers and the arrival of more and more neobanks. As a result, it is paradoxically possible to negotiate a new rate better if you do it in advance. If you do this one or two years before the due date, you will have plenty of time to monitor the market and intervene at the best time.

Other benefits to consider.

The good news is that when you renew your debt, it will have decreased. This means that the amount of interest will be calculated on a smaller amount. Another strategy that may prove interesting is to borrow slightly more than you need to in order to build up a cash reserve for a project (works, swimming pool, vehicle, etc.). This has the advantage of increasing your debt level and therefore reducing your taxes. As you can see, the important thing is to have time and to take all the parameters into account. To help you in all simplicity, Plus Financement Immobilier has set up a brand new free advice service in video. No more juggling with your working hours to make an appointment, just book a time slot (up to 7pm) on here to chat from home with one of our experts and review all the options available to you, without any commitment on your part.