Business and personal insurance

Protect your business

✓ Business insurance | Professional civil liability (RC), business, business, technical, and manager insurance (DNO); legal protection (PJ); framework contract for fee processing; cyber risks.

✓ Life and health insurance | Pension Fund (LPP); plan on compulsory insurance, accident insurance (LAA and LAAC), loss of earnings health insurance (PGM or APG).

✓ Social care advice| Individual advice for employees; welcoming newcomers.

Private & health insurance

Your main advantages

✓ Private insurance | Protect your valuables and wealth at all times.

✓ Health insurance | Save on your premiums and benefit from excellent services tailored to your needs.

✓ Pension plan | Save taxes while consolidating your retirement.

✓ Succession, retirement, and wealth | Anticipate your future and that of your loved ones by benefiting from financial planning.

✓ Income protection | Maintain your quality of life in all circumstances.